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Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine to Diagnose Goiter

Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine, areas in radiology, are helpful ways to diagnose goiter and the extent of the disease. Some doctors may discover an enlarged thyroid gland simply by feeling the neck and having the patient swallow during a routine physical exam; but in some cases, the doctor...
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Nuclear Medicine Terms You Might Want To Know

Nuclear Medicine is a specialized area of the Radiologic Technology Field; in order to better grasp the value of this area, there are terms that must be fully understood first and they are listed below:  Bone scans is use to detect diseases of the bone at the...
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Nuclear Medicine Equipments Used to Take Images

1. Stationary Gamma Camera – Large cameras that are positioned as close to the body as possible. – Patient may sit, stand or lie down, depending on the scan 2. SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography)/Rotating Gamma Cameras – moves while the scan takes place 3. PET (positron...
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