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Identifying The Causes of Film Artifacts

TWO CLASSIFICATIONS OF ARTIFACTS Sensitized artifacts: • Artifacts result from any type of exposure that sensitizes the emulsion/ • Static electricity, pressure, extraneous radiation. Non-sensitized artifacts: • Artifacts result from physical damage to the film. • Dirt deposits, scratches. GENERAL RADIOGRAPHIC TIME PERIOD IN WHICH ARTIFACTS OCCUR 1....
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Radiographic Cassette: A Must-Read

Radiographic Cassette: A thin light- tight container, slightly larger that the film it is intended to hold. 2 Major Parts of the Cassette The front Cover – usually made of Carbon Fiber and other plastic materials. This must be rigid and durable but radiolucent. This is made of...
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Notes On Handling and Storage of Radiographic Film

1.) In handling radiographic film be careful not to bend, crease, or otherwise subject it to rough handling. 2.) Clean hands are a must, and hand lotion and cream should be avoided. Artifacts – the marks or spurious images that sometimes appear on the processed radiograph. • Heat...
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