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RadTech E-book

The e-book is consist of several volumes and each volume concentrates on a single topic or subject. These subjects are:

  1. Radiologic Physics, Equipment & Maintenance
  2. Film Processing and Analysis
  3. Radiobiology and Radiation Protection
  4. Department Administration, Ethics and Jurisprudence
  5. Radiologic Contrast
  6. Radiographic Procedures and Positioning
  7. MRI
  8. CT Scan
  9. Radiation Therapy
  10. Nuclear Medicine
  11. Ultrasound

These e-books contain the basics of each topic so this is good especially for Radiologic Technology educators, students, graduates of BSRT or ART who will be taking the board exam, as well as, to those who need to remember the basics of the profession.

Aside from the basic concepts, there are also illustrations included, topics are discussed in bullets for easy comprehension and each book also contains some questionnaires with the corresponding answers together with explanations to guide you. So this just like carrying “Bushong” with you.

The e-book for $15.00 each subject or PhP 500.00.

Payments can be made through Paypal, bank deposits, GCash or any money remittance services.

For reservations and other queries, kindly contact me or post it on the comment section below.


  1. i want this book.. but how can i purchase??

  2. Maria says:

    I want to order Radtech ebook. How can i purchase them.

  3. Greis says:

    Hi. I would like to purchase a radtech e-book. Please send me an email on how I could purchase it. Thank you.

  4. faruzaima esmail says:

    Hi. Kindly send me how to avail of the electronic books.

  5. Ormin Cariaso says:

    Please send me detail,on how to purchase th e books im here in abu dhabi right now and i plan to take the spble next year.
    Thank you

  6. Jomel-Mae Rey says:

    How can I purchase the ebook?

  7. Raquel Amandoron says:

    Good Day! Please send me an instruction on how to purchase your e-book. Thank you

  8. Rodel says:

    How can i purchace the e-book,

  9. shayne maigue says:

    How can I purchase the radtech ebook?

  10. mark says:

    hi. meron kau book ni bushong.
    radiology science for technology,
    any edition will do, but much better if latest,
    if so how much, pls email me asap. i need one right away,

  11. Jack says:

    i want to purchase e-book, kindly send me the details on how to avail these books. Thanks

  12. RAY says:


  13. Donatsi says:

    Id like to purchase your ebooks, how? Please send me the details, thank

  14. Noemi says:

    Good day!

    This is not related to your e-books but since we are all after the uplifting our profession, i just want to share my experience regarding a book I’ve read.

    First and foremost, i just want to ask if before a book; may it be a reviewer or instructional is being published, do they undergo rigid proofreading and reviews?

    I am not a good writer nor an author of a book, I am just an ordinary technologist who aims to practice our profession abroad. With my desire to do so, I applied for a job in Abu Dhabi which requires to take the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) examinations. Since HAAD reviewers are not available in any bookstores nationwide, I purchased whatever Rad. Tech. reviewer available in Meriam’s Bookstore in Morayta, and i got one authored
    by Richard Carlton published by Lipincott (worth P 165.00)and one authored by Mr. Renato Soriao, published by Meriams(worth more than 600 pesos)…

    With the Carlton reviewer, i had no complains, rather it was really helpful reading the book especially the rationale found at the back. I was just disappointed with the other reviewer i mentioned above. This is not to degrade the author, but this is to awaken all the aspiring authors to be more vigilant and more responsible in writing. Most of my reviewing times were wasted in analyzing the questions coz if they are not gramatically wrong, the question composition itself is wrong. So decided not to use that reviewer anymore and thanks God I still passed the exam. How could this reviewer help new generations of Radiologic Technologists if they started wrong from the beginning of their new journey as professionals.

    I just hope you could get a copy of what i was telling and find for yourself what i am writing about… I DON’T KNOW A CERTAIN AUTHORITY WHERE I CAN COMPLAIN THIS MATTER, i just found your site an opportunity to bring-out this issue which i was keeping by myself for a long time… Having this book is just a waste of money and time reading it…

    Hope this message help Rad. techs to be more cautious in purchasing books…

    Thank You.

    • RAY says:

      aha? you’re right not all the books specially reviewers really reviewed before selling it to the market it happened in me too. but that was borrowed from my friend. for the students who wish to take the board exam. don’t read the reviewers if don’t have a basic knowledge specially physics subjects. try to review all the basics as your foundation and it will equipped you in the next round. thanks

  15. How can i buy these e-books Radiologic Physics, Equipment and Maintenance and Film Processing and Analysis?

  16. jamesRNUSRNRRT says:

    hello sir! i’m very much interested on these books you have and would like to know more on how to avail them. God Speed!

  17. gale says:

    please send me the instructions on how to avail

  18. marija says:

    Hi I’d like to order the radtech e-books from 1-11. kindly email me the mechanics on how to purchase it as im here in thailand..

    Many Thanks


  19. victor e. reyes says:

    pls send me the instructions on how to avail the e book… tnx.

  20. eds says:

    may i ask for 2012 RADTECH regional and annual convention. thank you.

  21. donna says:

    pls send me the instructions on how to avail the e book… tnx.

  22. racquel flores says:

    how can i purchase that rad tech e book…. i`m working here in k.s.a . how can pay for that and to be deliver in my address in the phils?

  23. levi says:

    sinu po b tlga ang founder ng rad tech sa pilipinas??
    my nag sa2bi po ksi na si MR.gabon daw po ang founder ng rad tech sa pinas..

    ngu2luhan po ako..dhil po sa aking pag ka2alm si MR.NORBERTO A. PALOMO po ang founder ng rad tech d2 s pinas at sia ang father of rad tech in the philippnies.. nov.30 1969 po nag open ng 1st school of rad tech sa family clinic at c sir. palomo po ang unag principal ng school of rad tech in the philipines..

    • @levi,

      sa pgkakaalam ko din po, c sir Palomo po talaga founder ng RadTech dito sa Pinas. Si Sir Gabon naman ang ngestablished ng RA 7431 yung law nating mga RT at XRT…

  24. levi says:

    good morning,,,
    i have a big question???
    bkit po pnatigil nio sa pag sa2lita c DEAN.NORBETO A. PALOMO nung nag talk n cia,super enjoy n kme nun tpos bitin amn ung talk ni dean hay… pd po b sa su2nod wg nio amn po agawin ung flor pra kay dean.. dhil lng ma2lengke kau… d po ung reason pra ptigilin nio c dean mag salita… un po ay isang kabastusan…

    • hi!

      I feel the same way, but I am not in the position to answer your question. Nevertheless, please be rest assured that your concern will reach the PART Officers’ attention..


  25. jayr says:

    how can i purchase this e-book in Radiologic Physics, Equipment & Maintenance

  26. mavil says:

    i would like to purchase radtech E-books for the 3 subjects.. pls reserve one copy for me..

  27. allan says:

    please reserve one RadTech e Book for me and how to pay it.

  28. jonathan t ambas , rrt says:

    id like to get one…

  29. al says:

    id like to purchase,.. how?

  30. paulette salonga says:

    i want to purchase this subject Radiobiology and Radiation Protection.
    pls e-mail me the details on how to avail.thanks

  31. dickbert gador says:

    do you have a copy of a circular re: convertion from medical equipment technician to radiologic technologist,,,plantilla for government rad tech practitioner…thanks

  32. Nemia D. osano says:

    I want to purchase the e-book (all subjects) but i am here in abudhabi U.A.E, if i pay by credit card, can you send all the books in my address in valenzuela so that my cousin can bring the books with me., how can i make a purchase, thankz and more power.

  33. judith talaver says:

    please reserve 1 rad tech e book for me!

  34. reserved one for each of you, Olive and Annaliza. I’ve also sent you emails for more details…

    • rahima said says:

      hi good day! can i avail radtech e-book which i can use for ART BOARD EXAM? please advise..since i am willing to get books(from 1-6) from you as you have posted.im here based in naga city camarines sur.thank you very much.

  35. olive B.Eusantos says:

    pls resrev one copy of RadTech-E Book 4 me

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