The e-book is consist of several volumes and each volume concentrates on a single topic or subject. These subjects are:

  1. Radiologic Physics, Equipment & Maintenance
  2. Film Processing and Analysis
  3. Radiobiology and Radiation Protection
  4. Department Administration, Ethics and Jurisprudence
  5. Radiologic Contrast
  6. Radiographic Procedures and Positioning
  7. MRI
  8. CT Scan
  9. Radiation Therapy
  10. Nuclear Medicine
  11. Ultrasound

These e-books contain the basics of each topic so this is good especially for Radiologic Technology educators, students, graduates of BSRT or ART who will be taking the board exam, as well as, to those who need to remember the basics of the profession.

Aside from the basic concepts, there are also illustrations included, topics are discussed in bullets for easy comprehension and each book also contains some questionnaires with the corresponding answers together with explanations to guide you. So this just like carrying “Bushong” with you.

The e-book for $15.00 each subject or PhP 500.00.

Payments can be made through Paypal, bank deposits, GCash or any money remittance services.

For reservations and other queries, kindly contact me or post it on the comment section below.