Radiation Modes of Decay

1. Alpha Emission (α) – occurs in heavy nuclides with high atomic #. – it resembles the He element with a mass number of 4 and an electron charge of 2 2. Beta Emission (β) – has two sub modes; the negatron emission and
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What You Need To Know About Diverticulits

It has already announced in the news that Brock Lesnar, a former UFC heavyweight champion, drops Out of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Challenge) Fight because he has to deal with his medical condition called diverticulitis. But what is Diverticulitis? Below are facts that you need to know about diverticulitis...
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Quick Guide On Radiographic Positioning – B

BALL CATCHERS VIEW See Norgaads view. BALL’S METHOD (AP) Pelvimetry view. Patient erect, centre the horizontal beam to the midline at the level of the superior border of the symphysis pubis. BALL’S METHOD (LATERAL) Pelvimetry view. Patient erect in the lateral position. Centre horizontal central ray to the level of...
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