Radiation Quantities and Units

In Radiology we use some jargons, wherein these terms are only familiar to us, the Radiologic Technologists, Medical Physicists, Radiologists and other related fields. We also use special terms in Radiation Quantities and Qualities or units, which are discusses below:

Absorbed dose is the energy absorbed per unit mass at a given point. The unit is the joule per kilogram (J kg-1) and is given the special name gray (Gy). A more detailed description is given in Read the rest of this entry »

Download PART 5th Midyear Convention Lectures

At last, the 5th PART Midyear Convention (held at Bacolod City last Jul 1 and 2, 2010) is finally over. After months of meetings and plannings, we can say that somehow, the our efforts have spawned into a more productive “outcome”, despite all the hardships and “issues” that we have endured.

Anyway, below are links for you to click so that you can download the full power point presentation of lectures given by this year’s convention speakers: Read the rest of this entry »

Radioactive Materials Adverse Reactions Table

Long before, people have been concerned about the negative effects of radiation and radioactive materials on the health of human body, especially when they undergo certain medical procedures that use radiopharmaceuticals.

Below is a a table listing the adverse reactions to radiopharmaceuticals: Read the rest of this entry »

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