What is Computed Tomography (CT ) Scan? How Does It Work?

Non-Contrast Axial CT. Tuberous Sclerosis.       Computed Tomography is a specialized X-ray imaging technique. It may be performed “plain” or after the injection of a “Contrast Agent”. CT creates the image by using an array of individual small X-Ray sensors and a computer. By spinning the...
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What is Angiography and Angiogram For?

Lateral ICA (internal carotid artery) arteriogram. AVM – Arterio-Venous Vascular Malformation Angiography is the name of a procedure that produces a picture (the “angiogram”) of blood vessels (arteries and veins) inside the body. Angiograms can be made with MRI and Ultrasound (no radiation). Angiograms can also be made...
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