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Tips on Buying Radiographic Film: Film Characteristics

In purchasing radiographic film for medical use, there are several important radiographic film characteristics that should be considered depending on your needs. Here are the various film characteristics that you should take into consideration on which one to buy: 1. Film speed  defined as the intensity of...
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Tools To Improve Radiographic Quality

The following are the important tools to be considered and observed to improve radiographic quality so as yo yield a high quality radiograph, thus resulting to decrease repeat exposures leading to less patient dose: Patient Position Good knowledge of human anatomy Central axis/Central Ray Proper patient instruction Distance...
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Body Habitus Used in Radiographic Imaging

Body habitus refers to the body’s physical appearance, it is also referred to as  Body built Sthenic ü  athletic build ü  average ü  similar to hypersthenic but modified by elongation of abdomen and thorax ü  50% of population   Hypersthenic ü  body is large and heavy ü  bony...
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