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Primary Controlling Factors For Radiographic Contrast

The primary controlling factor for contrast in film-based imaging is kilovoltage or kV. Kilovoltage controls the energy or is the penetrating power of the primary beam. The higher the kV, the greater is the energy and the more uniformly the x-ray beam penetrates the various mass densities of all tissues. Therefore the higher kV produces less variation in attenuation (differential absorption), resulting in lower contrast.

Kilovoltage (kV) is also a secondary controlling factor of Read the rest of this entry »

Requirements For X-ray Processing Room (Dark Room)

Processing Room Design

- there shall be a separate darkroom constructed near the x-ray examination room


• well-ventilated Read the rest of this entry »

Download Film Processing & Analysis e-book

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Radiographic Film e-book

Just like the Radiologic Phyics e-book, this e-book is worth Read the rest of this entry »

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