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What is A Simulator Machine Used in Radiation Therapy?

Below are some of the important notes that should be learned that describes a simulator machine used in Radiation Therapy Planning and Treatment:
radiation therapy simulator
  • Simulator is a machine which is capable of duplicating the geometry and mechanical movements of radiation therapy machines but use a diagnostic  x-ray tube
  • Primarily  used to localize the target volume and normal tissue with respect to skin marks and to usualize the planned treatment fields with respect to tumor and normal tissue
  •  Following confirmation of correct field locations direction the fields are marked in the skin surface and shielding blocks are produced to optimize normal tissue sparing
  • The use of simulators has improved the precision of radiation therapy because it provides a diagnostic x-ray quality radiograph of the treatment fields taken with the precise geometric relationship of the treatment beam
  • Many simulators have fluoroscopic capabilities, providing real time  visualization of internal organs of contrast placed in body cavities, and of lead markers on the skin surface
  • Field defining wires, built into the path of the beam, can be moved to simulate the planned treatment field
  • A small circle or a cross hair indicates the central axis of the beam

Watch How TomoTherapy Works – Revolutionary Radiation Therapy

Tomotherapy represents the future of radiation therapy. Some of its major advantages are:

Tomotherapy Unit

  • Tomotherapy will do a quick CT scan before each treatment starts, to ensure the patient is aligned perfectly.
  • A thin beam is rotated around the body, entering from many directions, while the couch simultaneously moves into the machine. This effectively results in thousands of little beamlets of different intensities entering the Read the rest of this entry »

What is Radium and Its Uses In Radiation Therapy?

As Radiologic Technologists, I’m sure you are very familiar with the elements like polonium, radium, cobalt, radon and uranium, among others. Some of these radioactive elements are used for therapeutic purposes in the medical field.

Radioactive Clock

Radioactive Clock with Radium

Let’s discuss about radium: Read the rest of this entry »

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