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MRI: What is Gyromagnetic Ratio?

In Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), one of the important factors considered is the Gyromagnetic Ratio (also known as the magnetogyric ratio) of a particle or system. Gyromagnetic ratio is the ratio of its magnetic dipole moment to its angular momentum, and it is often denoted by the gamma symbol (γ). The SI units of Gyromagnetic ratio are radian per second per tesla (rad/s/T)...
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Tips on Buying Radiographic Film: Film Characteristics

In purchasing radiographic film for medical use, there are several important radiographic film characteristics that should be considered depending on your needs. Here are the various film characteristics that you should take into consideration on which one to buy: 1. Film speed  defined as the intensity of...
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Radiographic Examinations of the Sesamoid Bones

1. LEWIS METHOD 2. HOLLY METHOD 3. CAUSTON METHOD LEWIS METHOD • Patient in prone position • Dorsiflex the foot so that plantar surface of foot forms about 15°-20° angle from vertical • Dorsiflex the 1st digit (great toe) & rest on cassette to maintain position • Ball...
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