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Principles of Professional Conduct for Radiologic Technologists and X-ray Technologists

Principles of Professional Conduct for Radiologic Technologists and X-ray Technologists


  • Radiologic Technologist shall conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the dignity and professional standards of their profession.


  • Radiologic Technologist shall provide services with consideration of human dignity and the needs of the patient, unrestricted by consideration of age, sex, race, creed, and social economic status.


  • Radiologic Technologist shall make every effort to protect all patients from unnecessary radiation.


  • Radiologic Technologist should exercise and accept responsibility for independent discretion and judgment in the performance of their professional service.


  • Radiologic Technologist shall judiciously protect the patient’s right to privacy and shall maintain all patient information in the strictness confidence.


  • Radiologic Technologist shall apply only method of technology founded upon a scientific basis and not employ those methods that violate the principle.


  • Radiologic Technologist shall not diagnose, but in the recognition of their responsibility to the patient, they shall provide the physician with all information they have relative to radiologic diagnosis or patient management.


  • Radiologic Technologist shall be responsible for reporting unethical conduct and illegal professional activities to appropriate authorities.


  • Radiologic Technologist shall continually strive to improve their knowledge and skills by participating in educational and professional activities and sharing the benefits of their attainment with their colleagues.

Principle 10

  • Radiologic Technologist shall protect the public from misinformation and misrepresentation.

Ethics and Jurisprudence Book for Radiologic Technologists

Radiologic Technology Educators, especially in the Philippines, find it hard to teach Department Administration, Ethics and Jurisprudence subject because of lack of concrete and comprehensive reference book. For this reason, this Ethics and Jurisprudence Book for Radiologic Technologists is made and published and will be available in selected bookstores in the Philippines.
Ethics and Jurisprudence Book for Radiologic Technologists

Below is the Table of Contents of this Ethics and Jurisprudence Book for Radiologic Technologists:
Table of Contents Jurisprudence for RadTechs Table of Contents_002 Table of Contents_003 Table of Contents_004 Table of Contents_005 Table of Contents_006 Table of Contents_007


For those who can’t wait, printed and “binded” copy of this book is available for now. If you are interested, please leave your message in the comment section below or you can send me a message here:

Thank you!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Merry Christmas, everyone! May your holiday season be filled with love, fun and happiness together with your loved ones!

Radiologic technology Christmas

Radiologic technology Christmas

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