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Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you can find what your looking for here and if not, you can freely send me a message through the comment section or by clicking the contact form link and suggest or request it to be posted here.

By the way, I’m Hariette and I am a Registered Radiologic Technologist and proud to be one. Currently, I am in the academe and teaching the future radiologic technologists, the selfless workers who are occupationally exposed to radiation.


  1. RoseAnn says:

    Do you know what is the official website of PFPRTI?

  2. Ooi says:

    I’m studying medical physics, and will graduate in 1 year time. The atomic energy agency in my country has raised the basic requirement for doing clinical practice to at least master of science; which means I will have to pursue postgrad studies fr another 1-2 yrs.

    However, now I’m doing practical training in a hospital, and I’ve been here for 2 weeks. From what I observed is radiographers or radiology technologists that are taking the images, operating the modalities and so on; i have not seen any medical physicist in action.

    My questions for you will be : what does a medical physicist do? Is it worth it to pursue a postgrad qualification, for so-called clinical practice in which I have never seen one.

    I’m confused and I’m seriously thinking of going into medical modalities producing companies like GE, Toshiba, Siemens etc.

    Hope to hear from your professional advice soon. Thanks for your time. Have a nice day.

    • Yes you should continue that as a radiologic technologist on my part you should.Because medical physicist done things on the office they are the one who checks for the film budge,they do a lot of things that we didn’t see in action coz they are doing that on the office and in the laboratory from the word physics its a physicist like some inventors…you must study further on medical sciences so that you should know more about physicist…

    • saiGz says:

      if you were in a bigger hospital you would encounter what your looking for. physicists are mostly seen working/in action on Radiotherapy and Nuclear medicine departments. it is a great profession, and you guys earn a lot way bigger than us radiographers. if i were you you should continue.

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