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Tips on Buying Radiographic Film: Film Characteristics

In purchasing radiographic film for medical use, there are several important radiographic film characteristics that should be considered depending on your needs.
Here are the various film characteristics that you should take into consideration on which one to buy:

1. Film speed
 defined as the intensity of the screen film combination to x-rays and light
 The degree to which the emulsion is sensitive to x-rays or light.
 The greater the speed of the film the more sensitive it is.
 Increase in sensitivity results in less exposure necessary to produce a specific density.
 When the spectral matching is improper the speed of the IR is reduced and the patient dose is increase.

*Film speed are categorized into fast speed, medium speed (also referred to as par speed) and slow speed film.

Factors that affect radiographic film speed

 The number of silver halide crystals present
 The size of the silver halide crystals
*Both of the factors deals with the silver halide crystals found in the emulsion layer of the film.
2. Spectral sensitivity
 It refers to the color of light to which a particular film is most sensitive.
Two categories of spectral sensitivity films:
 Blue-sensitive (monochromatic film)
 Green-sensitive (orthochromatic film)
3. Spectral Emission
 refers to the color of light produced by a particular IS, blue light-emitting screens and green light-emitting screens
4. Spectral Matching
 refers to correctly matching the color sensitivity of the film to the color emission of the IS(intensifying screen).



The author is a Radiologic Technologist, currently in the academic field, hoping to mold and produce future Radiologic Technologists who will be theoretically and technologically competent.


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