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Radiologic Technologists Accredited Professional Organizations (APO)

The Radiologic Technologists and X-ray Technologists Accredited Professional Organizations (APO) by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) is listed below:


Philippine Association of Radiologic Technologist (PART)
c/o St. Jude College
Don Quijote Street
Sampaloc, Manila
Tel No.: 731-43-74 ; 731-27-61
Date of Accreditation : September 29, 1992

The Philippine Association of Radiologic Technologists was established on May 1954 as an integrated association of three societies with the primary objective of uniting X-ray technicians from the private and government medical institutions.

In 1969, the PART became the 36th regular chapter member of the International Society of Radiographers and Radiologic Technologists. Accredited by the PRC in September 1992, the Association is an affiliate of the Philippine College of Radiography (PCR). It actively collaborated with the Technical Panels of the Committee on Radiologic Technology Education of Higher Education, the DECS, Ministry of Health, Radiation Health Office, Philippine College of Radiology, and the Civil Service Commission in formulating the new curriculum standard for Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology that was implemented in 1989.

In its commitment to keep its member-professionals abreast with technological advancements, PART formed the Radiologic Technology Continuing Professional Education Council (CPEC) which ensures that members undergo continuing education.

Source: Professional Regulation Commission Official Website


The author is a Radiologic Technologist, currently in the academic field, hoping to mold and produce future Radiologic Technologists who will be theoretically and technologically competent.

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