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Requirements For X-ray Processing Room (Dark Room)

Processing Room Design

– there shall be a separate darkroom constructed near the x-ray examination room


• well-ventilated
• light-tight
• minimum dimension of 2.0m x 1.5 m
• must be far or away from steam pipes and direct source of heat
• must be away or far from any source of radiation
• equipped with standard safelight installed not lower than 1.3m from the working
bench or the processing tanks
• constructed with an air inlet and outlet with exhaust fan – these openings must be
designed so that no light shall enter the darkroom while the processing is done
• preferably must have louver blocks, painted black to absorb white light, placed on the lower portion of the door for ventilation
• adequate supply of water
• good drainage system
• contains master tank, for manual processing, or an automatic processor or both
• luminous interval timer
• metallic stem dial type thermometer
• mercury or alcohol thermometer with metallic casing
• standard manual processing technique chart that indicated time development,
temperature of the solution and the number of films developed
• walls painted white or placed with white Floor Tiles
• sink and a working dry bench
• automatic electronic lock to avoid accidental opening of the room during processing
• must contain film hangers and film cassettes of different sizes


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