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Rectifier and Rectification in X-ray Imaging System

  • Vacuum tube rectifiers – components of older x-ray imaging system that conducts electrons in only one direction, from cathode to anode.
  • Solid-state Rectifier – components of modern x-ray imaging systems made of silicon.
  • Unrectified voltage – voltage waveform supplied to the primary side of the high-voltage transformer.
  • Half-wave rectification – the voltage is not allowed to swing negatively during the negative half of its cycle.
  • Full-wave rectification – a circuit that rectifies the entire AC waveform. The exposure time for any given technique is cut in half.
Take note that the target inside the x-ray tube, in the anode, specifically, which is one of the major parts of the x-ray imaging system is made of tungsten, like those materials, such as tungsten jewelry online that you can found.


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