Film: 8 x 10” placed according to region

Position of Patient

Examine the patient in the prone or seated position.

Body of Mandible

Adjust the cassette under the cheek, extend the neck enough so the long axis of the mandibular body isparallel with the transverse axis of the film and center to the region of the first molar. Adjust the rotation of the head so that the broad surface of the mandibular bodi is parallel with the plane of the film.

Central Ray

The central ray enters slightly posterior on the mandibular angle on the side farthest from the film, directed at an angle of approximately 25 degrees cephalad.

Structure Shown

An axiolateral oblique position demonstrates the body of the mandible from the angle to the region of canine.

Evaluation Criteria

• Mandibular body to the canine tooth should be demonstrated.
• Opposite side of the mandible should not overlap mandibular body.

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