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Kasabach Method (odontoid process) AP Axial Oblique position:

Film: 8 x 10 (18 x 24 cm)

Position of patient

  • with the patient in supine position, center the midsagittal plane of the body to the midline of the table.
  • place the arms along the side of the body and adjust the shoulders to lie in the same transverse plane

Position of part

  • with the cassette in the bucky tray, center it to the midsagittal plane at the level of the mastoid tip.
  • head is rotated approximately 40 to 45 degrees away from the side being examined and the IOML is perpendicular to the plane of the table.
  • for right angle projection, make one exposure with head turned to the right and another one turned to the left.
  • respiration is suspended

Central ray

  • with the CR angled 10 to 15 degrees caudad, center to a point midway between the outer canthus and the EAM.

Structure shown

  • an axial oblique position of the dens (odontoid process) is recommended by kasabach for use in conjunction with the AP and Lateral and for the head of the patient who has a possible fracture or a degenerative disease must not be rotated.


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