Who Can Benefit From The RadTech Online Review Program?

Rad101 Online Review Program For Radiologic and X-ray Technologists,  is the very first online Online Review Program of its kind in the Philippines. This is the brainchild of the owner, adminsitrator and content writer of this website, Radiology 101. The main reason why this RadTech Online Review Program...
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MRI: What is Gyromagnetic Ratio?

In Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), one of the important factors considered is the Gyromagnetic Ratio (also known as the magnetogyric ratio) of a particle or system. Gyromagnetic ratio is the ratio of its magnetic dipole moment to its angular momentum, and it is often denoted by the gamma symbol (γ). The SI units of Gyromagnetic ratio are radian per second per tesla (rad/s/T)...
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